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AM Talk Show

This style is relaxed. You'll notice that in the music we use and the style of conversation employed. We provide the hosting/moderation services to keep things on track, on time, and engaging for the audience. The subject matter experts simply show up and offer their expertise on the topic being discussed. Of course, everything is turnkey so the client does minimal work other than help shape the talking points and helps promote the invitation. This is probably our most popular style. This example had about 260 registrants.

Featuring Daniel Solin

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Corporate Pitch

Making a positive impression to prospects, customers, or even prospective new employees requires an organization to present their corporation in a way that engages. It demands an emotional connection. This example was used as a corporate HR recruiting video.

Featuring Welch LLP

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The Production

This next style is professionally produced but has none of our on-air moderation. This is for the client who is somewhat "old school" and would rather do a lecture-driven webinar rather than a discussion-oriented webinar. People engage us in this format simply to ensure all production goes off without any issues, is properly produced and promoted and protect the investment they're making in premiere guest panelists. This particular example had about 950 registrants.

Featuring Intelliresponse

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The Commercial

Sometimes you just want to be blunt and overt about your promotion. Maybe it puts a smile on the viewers face. Or maybe it engages them simply because of its directness.

Featuring OnPath

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The Trailer

It’s not enough anymore to simply host an event. You need to promote it. You need to use social media. You need to use video! This example was included in emails, social media posts, and the associated landing pages for a client’s webinar we hosted.

Featuring IPSwitch

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The Energy Drink

You’ve seen them before. Quick animated videos, full of energy, that engage the viewer, convey a message, and leave the audience feeling impressed with the organization’s success. It builds trust. It differentiates a company from it’s competition. Done correctly, the message is conveyed whether the sound is on, or not. This video was produced specifically for an event at Oracle world, but the response was so overwhelming that it quickly became a leading sales and marketing asset!

Featuring Maplesoft Group

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The Teacher

Thought leadership begins with establishing a relationship, building trust, and become a valued resource. Nothing does this better then sharing your knowledge with others so that they can learn from you and experience their own success. This example demonstrates that teaching doesn’t have to stay inside the classroom.

Featuring My Lead Agency

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The Testimonial

You never get tired of hearing credible people say amazing things about you and your organization. Nothing sells better than other people acknowledging your expertise. It’s the modern day version of word of mouth. That’s why we love producing testimonials.

Featuring Welch LLP

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The Explainer

Why use video when you can animate a darn fine story? Whether it’s our inner child, or we just like to laugh, an animated solution overview connects with us every time!

Featuring Talking Bluntly

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The Stream

Reaching thousands of people across the globe, connecting live events with virtual attendees and panelists, the live stream truly embodies the global village.

Featuring Idea Connector Network

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The Overview

Trying to understand what a product can do can be overwhelming. Whether you’re training a user to become an expert administrator, or you’re training a novice to simply comprehend a solution’s capabilities, providing clear and concise overview is a powerful tool.

Featuring Rideshark

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The Hook

While we can read about product offerings, or talk to a sales representative, nothing hooks a prospect quite like a quick and dirty product demo, combined with an energetic background track and an informative voice over. That’s the kind of content the drives sales.

Featuring C3 Solutions

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The Big Launch

Why use video when you can animate a darn fine story? Whether it’s our inner child, or we just like to laugh, an animated solution overview connects with us every time!

Featuring Academic Partnerships